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We back entrepreneurs building sustainable businesses that are socially, environmentally and commercially viable in emerging markets.

  • worldHaus

    WorldHaus, Inc. builds weather proof affordable homes employing a modular building system that allows families in developing economies to build to any size and configuration they desire at a price they can afford.

  • KMRI is a full-stack service provider building highly reliable and cost effective distributed renewable energy solutions to local, institutional and corporate installations in emerging markets around the world.

  • Edutor

    Edutor Technologies, a B2B model, has developed and deployed a complete Tablet Learning Solution (a software solutions company) that transforms the learning experience within the classroom and beyond.

  • MedGenome

    MedGenome aims to be the leading provider of personalized, preventive, predictive & specialized molecular diagnostics (MDx) services in Emerging Markets (starting with India) leveraging next generation sequencing (NGS) technologies.