Promoter: Ram Gollamudi
Our Involvement: Invested in April 2013

Edutor has developed and deployed a complete Tablet Learning Solution (a software solutions company) that transforms the learning experience within the classroom and beyond. A B2B model, the solution entails each student having his/her Edutor personal learning device (Tablet PC) – offering an engaging learning experience anytime, anywhere.

The student is served a highly interactive learning environment – that includes interactive text books, multimedia animations, concept maps, assessments, planners, dashboards etc. Each student is also connected with the teacher – through a cloud-based learning management system. The teachers can send additional content, assessments, homework etc. to the students through Wi-Fi and can also monitor the performance and learning experience of each of the child. Conducting frequent formative assessments and offering differentiated learning modules becomes extremely easy for the teachers. The solution from Edutor helps in augmenting the learning experience of the student as well as in extending the Classroom beyond the four-walls and can address the needs of multiple stakeholders – students, teachers and parents. The solution is deployed on Edutor’s Tablet PC Student Tab but can also be deployed on other Android tablets of leading brands.