Promoter: Idealab
Our Involvement: Invested in Nov 2012

WorldHaus, Inc. plans to manufacture and build customized, weather proof homes for families in the developing world at a price they can afford, employing a modular building system that allows families to build to any size and configuration they desire.

The WorldHaus base model – a one-room, 20 square meter (220 square foot) home – can be built in about 10 days at a starting cost of below $2,500. With their local construction model, they can cut the cost of a quality house in half. With a WorldHaus home, a family also can include amenities like clean burning stoves, toilets, and solar electricity systems. They are working with mortgage providers to make their homes available for monthly installments of $40, well within the reach of rural and semi-urban families making between $3 and $10 a day.