Who We Back

We find great entrepreneurs in emerging markets building businesses that are socially, environmentally and commercially sustainable. We call this Sustainable Infrastructure.  We are entrepreneur and sector focused rather than obsessed about the next big idea. We look for businesses that are asset light, scalable, with experienced, sound and ethical management. Our sector areas are Renewable Energy, Education and Training, Affordable Housing and Inclusive Finance.

How We Invest

We are an early stage investor and mostly invest in companies post the proof-of-concept phase but prior to their Series A/B funding. Given the early stage nature of our investments, we depend on our ability to put capital to work in scalable opportunities and accelerating the growth path of companies.

Our Value-add

Our model works by adding hands-on value to our investments. We roll up our sleeves and help with not just the financing strategy and access to sophisticated financial advice in public and private markets, but in successful execution, even in difficult market environments, by leveraging our relationships and partnerships in cross-border markets. Our investment team has over 40 years of combined investing and operating experience, and we actively help our entrepreneurs succeed in tough conditions.

Contact: venture@papillon.vc