Kartik Kumaramangalam

Kartik Kumaramangalam Founder & Managing Director

Kartik is an active investor and advisor to start-ups and investment projects in Singapore, India and the US. He has previously worked at Boston Consulting Group in New York, been an early employee at WebEx (acquired by Cisco), advised the organization of His Holiness the Dalai Lama on economic policy and was a researcher on a Nobel Prize winning experiment in Astrophysics at Oxford University.

Kartik is also a Fellow at MIT and has taught and done research at MIT, London School of Economics and London Business School on the economics of intellectual property and tech driven economic growth. Kartik completed his PhD at the London School of Economics as an Interdisciplinary Scholar winning the Academy of Management Award for his research on scientific labor markets and the economics of ideas. He first trained as an an Astrophysicist specializing in solar neutrino physics as an undergraduate and graduate student at the University of Sussex and the University of Paris.

Kartik’s commitment to economic development comes from a strong background in public service in India with family members who have served as the Governor of Maharashtra, Chief Minister of Madras Presidency, Chief of the Indian Army, Cofounder of Air India (the national carrier) and Cabinet Ministers for Law, Education, Company Affairs, Power, Science, Technology, Coal and Mines.